Small Business Saturday!



On November 26th, 2016 this year is a great day to support your local small businesses. Being that we too are a small business we support small business all year round but especially on this weekend. We may promote small businesses we enjoy going to and like to share with others.

So step away from the big box stores and really, truly, support your local convenient store, small tradesman, and restaurant. Small Business is what helps keep prices down to the consumer. If we choose not to use them except to pay much more.

Let us know what you decided to do for small business day/weekend and let’s continue this trend throughout the year.

And as always, if you or a friend/family member is experiencing a plumbing and or drain clogged call us asap.

Brass Ball-Valve Cracked & Leaking

Has this ever happened to you?

Brass Ball Valve Cracked Leaking

Brass Ball Valve Cracked Leaking

No matter when a pipe breaks open and cracks it’s never fun to deal with. Let us be your go to company when in need of professional help.

Toilet Shut Off

Anytime we get involved with a loose or moving shut off valve issues are bound to happen. Because that the wall is closed up we obviously can’t see behind to actually understand why the pipe is completely loose. Working on any plumbing that can’t be seen you have to be extra careful.

Toilet Shut Off

Toilet Shut Off

If your having any toilet issues call us today and we’d be glad to help you!

Large heavy amounts of tree roots retrieved from a main sewer lines


Ever wonder why tree roots grow and sewer lines?

What is the best way to remove tree roots from one sewer line?

Tree roots and up growing and growing. There are several trees within the city that are planted on top or nearby a sewer line. Which causes the tree roots to break through one sewer line to get to the water source .

When your sewer line backs up the first thing you may think of is to call a plumber or drain cleaning technician. After explaining your issue to the technician over the phone in most cases drain cleaning equipment and and auger will be brought out to try and open your sewer line to get water flowing again. Depending on what the technician finds and your sewer line and also depending on the blade size that he gets through your sewer line to the city Street will determine the next step. In some cases a camera inspection is needed to view the integrity of your sewer line to check for major offsets, breaks, cracks, and separations. After they get a camera through your sewer line that will determine if you are okay to clean your sewer line on a yearly basis or if you may need excavation repair to solve a major unwanted issue.

Please feel free to give us a call today and set up your drain cleaning service or if you’re inquiring about a camera inspection of your sewer line. We look forward to hearing from you and guiding you in the right direction.

Is your floor drain in danger?

I’ll start of my saying stay up to date with cleaning all your drain but especially your floor drain and main sewer line. Keep in mind never use any chemicals to open your drain lines, unless your looking for future unexpected hefty expense. It could cost a thousand or more to replace a broken floor drain depending on how far you have to connect and chase pipe.


If your experiencing a slow or clogged floor drain call us today and schedule your appointment to clear your drain clog.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Trench Drains

Several times a year, if you have a drain that looks like the below you’ll have to clean it out before it creates a major flood. Debris of all sorts gets down these drains and clogs them up.

Drain Cleaning Trench Drains

Drain Cleaning Trench Drains

If you need a trench drain cleaned please call us today.

Stubborn Old Floor Drains get you thinking…

Why do floor drains clog?
Why do floor drains start to run slow?
Why do floor drains not drain properly?
Why have I been living in my house for years and now we have issues?
Why? Why? Why?

Read Below…

Floor Drain Clogged

Floor Drain Clogged

Why do floor drains clog? well, why do we get sick? Why do we have to repair our vehicles? Why does anything happen?

Floor drains are subject for maintenance and repair just like anything else. You think just cause you can’t see something underground it should be perfect? Well think twice about that. Underground is a whole other world of broken pipes that we typically find out the hard way. You might ask yourself when? But, it’s not “when” it’s when your least expecting it and then your house floods and your in a panic.

Why do floor drains start to run slow?

Do you use your kitchen sink? Do you use your laundry tubs and washing machine? Does food, grease, lint, build-up and all other sorts of gunk get down your drains? Do bugs live in your drains? Does scum just grow? Do drain lines clog themselves?

If you’re using your kitchen sink from time to time, no matter how careful you may be, your drains will clog. It’s one of the inevitable’s of life. Just like we can’t stop the aging process no matter what we do. As for your laundry, there is so much soap, lint, detergent and dirt going down your drains constantly. Which clog you floor drains and any other drains in it’s path.

Why do floor drains not drain properly?
Once some debris gets down your drains, build up will start happening instantly. All it takes is one bend in the pipe to get clogged up partially.

Why have I been living in my house for years and just now we start having issues?
Clogged drains have nothing to do with why haven’t they clogged before. Pipes move and shift all the time especially as they age and as the ground settles over a period of time.

If you have any other questions with your plumbing and or drain cleaning please call us today so we can guide you and possibly help get your drains flowing again quickly and in a timely manner.

Leave it to the Pros

Getting a phone call from a client and then actually going on the job can be completely different at times. Being prepared as a professional isn’t always at easy at i seems. In the trade industry it isn’t always as easy at it may seem to have everything you need on your truck. For example, when repairing a toilet there are several different toilet brands and styles and having every part on a truck is impossible (that’s why we have wholesale supply houses throughout town). When a client calls and says for example “can you please come out and unclog my sewer line” we explain to the client how will do so. From the picture you’ll see below you’ll notice the sewer cable in the line isn’t exactly right. The cable somehow actually got twisted up and this client really wanted us to somehow get it out. The client never told us we we’re coming to work on trying to remove a stuck cable in the sewer line.

Drain Cleaning Trench Drains

Drain Cleaning Trench Drains

Good news we got the cable out of the sewer line!

Leave cleaning sanitary drain line sewer systems to the professionals.

Sewer Line Tree Roots

We can’t emphasize enough how important it id to clean out your sewer line on maintenance. We understand what people can’t see is easily forgotten about but let the professionals guide you in the right direction. It’s no different then going to the dentist or having a bank adviser for how to invest.

Tree roots in a sewer line is no joke. It’s costly but some gamble on waiting and seeing what will happen. Don’t wait, clean your sewer line and have it maintained.

Main Sewer Line Tree Roots

Main Sewer Line Tree Roots

Sewer & Drain Excavations

If your experiencing a main sewer line that is clogged or that needs to be camera inspected call us today. We also help with repairing main sewer lines that need to be excavated.

Sanitary sewage drain lines always seem to back-up at the most inconvenient times. Weather it’s at night, on the weekend, during a holiday, about to leave town or when your family get together’s. When experiencing a drain back-up it’s smart to act as soon as possible so the problem doesn’t worsen. Most clients can wait until the next day to clean your drain line but you shouldn’t wait weeks to address a drain line that’s clogged/plugged. Cleaning basement drain lines on a consistent basis is smart and will save you money in the long run. This goes for both residential and commercial properties.

If your looking for a second opinion on your main sewer line before excavating and repairing, our company is . Our company has opened up several drain lines that other companies couldn’t.

If your looking for a camera inspection on your main sewer line, give us a call and will help you every step of the way. Having a professional explain and show you the condition of your sewer line and one who deals with inspecting sewer lines daily, will lead you in the right direction. Let us be your first and/or second opinion before you excavate your main sewer sanitary drain lines.

Our company is looking forward to working with you! provides service for the following cities:
If your city isn’t listed below please call

Andover, Arden Hills, Apple Valley
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Chanhassen, Chaska, Columbia Heights, Coon Rapids, Cottage Grove, Crystal
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